Denise Sakaki

Designer & Writer

Denise is a graphic designer and illustrator with over 20 years of experience that includes an extensive background in corporate design and branding.

Denise’s work has been recognized in books including 1000 Graphic Elements, Letterhead & Logo Design, and American Corporate Identity, and she’s worked on various illustration projects, including book covers, graphic novels, magazines, and promotional materials for various Seattle-area companies. 

With an appetite for new experiences, Denise’s skill set is always expanding. She’s the creator behind the food/travel/cooking blog, Wasabi Prime, and her work has been noted in New York Magazine’s Grub Street, The Kitchn, Food News Journal and was featured in Foodista’s Best of Food Blogs Cookbook.

She can be found eating, drinking, and ordering seconds. If you see her taking photos of things, say “Hello!” and remind her to sit down and eat, the food is getting cold.